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Kiddie Connect Wooden Fruits Puzzle

Kiddie Connect Wooden Fruits Puzzle

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Get ready to slice and dice with this delightful fruit-themed puzzle!

Little ones will love learning about their favourite fruits as they piece together this chunky, wooden puzzle. With bright colours and smooth edges, it's a wonderful way to encourage early learning and imaginative play. Ideal for toddlers and beyond. 

Featuring a collection of delicious-looking fruit, it's a fun and educational way to develop hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills and shape recognition. 

It also allows children to learn to identify and name different fruits. 

Some ideas for enhancing and encouraging play and learning:

  • Find the strawberry. Is that a banana?  
  • What colour is the pineapple?
  • Talk about each fruit. What are the characteristics of the fruit?
  • Have the child identify these fruits from photographs in a book or on the internet. This will allow the child to transition from the stylised representations of the puzzle pieces to the actual fruit.

Recommended Age: 18 months +

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