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Enchanted Years

Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzle 1000pc Goldilocks Gets Caught

Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzle 1000pc Goldilocks Gets Caught

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Neither too hard nor too easy, this Dean MacAdam puzzle is just right with a peek into the Three Bears home and how Goldilocks Gets Caught!

Someones been eating Papa Bears porridge, and someones been sitting in Mama Bears chair, and someones been sleeping in Baby Bears bed, and shes still there! The Three Bears just left for a quick walk while this impertinent young girl waltzed in and helped herself to whatever she liked. Maybe having a huge fright and jumping out the window will teach her not to trespass! Leave it to Dean MacAdam to set the scene for many hours of perfectly-relaxing puzzle fun!

Did you know in the original story the three bears were not a family but just friends? Eleanor Mure wrote the first recorded version of The Three Bears nursery tale in 1831; a handmade, illustrated book for her nephew. In her story, the troublemaker isnt a young girl, but a meddling old woman. Later versions introduced a young girl named Silver-Hair who, by 1904, became Goldilocks. 

Size: 70 x 50cm

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