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SIKU Assembly Set Fiat 500 Adventure

SIKU Assembly Set Fiat 500 Adventure

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Small, round, and with friendly headlights - that's the Fiat 500! Its typically cuddly design makes the little car from Italy a favourite wherever you are. The Fiat 500 represents La Dolce Vita and brings a hint of Italian flair even to your local roads, and therefore has a large fanbase. And therefore available from siku as an "Adventure" self-build model! The large number of stickers provided means that the vehicle can be individually decorated, and the green vehicle model can thus be converted into a brightly coloured adventurer, using the starting numbers, stripes, monster teeth, and camouflage motifs. The fun starts with the assembly, because the set, with metal bodywork and doors which open, is supplied in parts which are very easy to join together.

Recommended Age: 3 years +

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