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Enchanted Years

SIKU Fendt with Krampe Tipping Trailer

SIKU Fendt with Krampe Tipping Trailer

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The tractor and Krampe tipper trailer create a power duo260 raw horsepower make the 926 Vario the superstar of the tractors. As a power duo with the Krampe tipper trailer, the tractor with the famous square bonnet easily masters all tasks out in the fields, and is therefore essential equipment for the daily routine on the (play) farm. As siku models, the tractor and trailer are manufactured from metal and plastic, and match the prototype down to the smallest detail. Free-running wheels allow the 926 Vario to travel effortlessly, even with a heavy load. The trailer with its tandem chassis takes just a moment to couple to the Vario's trailer coupling – and then they’re off. The removable cab and tippable trough with a movable flap ensure even more playing fun.

Dimensions: 160 x38 x 42 mm

Recommended Age: 3 years +

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