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Wild Dough Playdough Mix

Wild Dough Playdough Mix

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WIld Dough Playdough Mix - the gateway to at-home creativity. Crafted for families who relish the joy of creating together, this mix makes playtime personal. Simply add water and oil from your pantry, then invite both little and big hands to stir, knead and explore. Within moments, watch as this mix trnsforms into Wild Dough's signature cloudlike playdough.

A tapestry of bright colours and captivating scents promise a sensory explosion. It's more than just playdough - it's a cherished memory in the making, guaranteeing hours of imaginative fun. Dive deep into the hands-on magic with Wild Dough Playdough Mix. There's loads to love:

  • Easy and fast to make home playdough

  • Engaging activity and playdough fun all in one

  • Quality ingredients ensuring signature Wild Dough softness

  • Rehydratable, long lasting and brightly coloured

  • Australian Made

  • Environmentlly friendly reusable packaging


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