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Enchanted Years

Aqua Dragons Jurassic EGGspress

Aqua Dragons Jurassic EGGspress

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Get your very own Aqua Dragons Eggspress dino egg tank and raise yourself a generation of tiny live pre-historic time travellers, Aqua Dragons. They're alive!

Aqua Dragons, or by their scientific name Artemia Salina, have been on Earth since at least 200 million years ago, if not longer. Paleontologists have found Jurassic and Triassic age Artemia fossils which confirm that the versatile and hardly little Aqua Dragons shrimp were alive and swimming then just as they are today. They adapted so well to their salt water surroundings in lakes and seas that they have survived mass extinction periods until now without evolving at all, thanks to their ability to reproduce in five different ways according to the environment they were living in.

Includes: Aqua Dragons dino egg tank with lid and base, Aqua Dragons Eggs, Aqua Dragons Food, feeding spoon and instruction booklet.

Recommended Age: 6 years +

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