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Australian Geographic Astronomical Telescope 50mm

Australian Geographic Astronomical Telescope 50mm

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Inspire your junior science lover to explore the wonders of the stars and planets, see wildlife up close or explore landscapes with this amazing telescope. See the wonders of the night sky, wildlife in their habitat and even details in the landscape up close! A curious mind needs the right equipment to make their "discoveries" and this telescope is perfect for that! Whether it's gazing in the night sky to see planets or astronomical events, observing surrounding wildlife from a safe distance, or just looking at the details in the surrounding landscape, this telescope can do it all. And it can be hand held to make the journey of discovery that much easier. This 50mm telescope has simple construction making it easy to set up and use. It has 2 eyepieces, providing 18X and 90X magnifications, to allow greater flexibility when searching for and viewing objects. It also includes a lightweight, aluminium tripod for stability, and a built-in diagonal mirror for greater comfort when viewing objects overhead. Includes a fully comprehensive instruction manual with great tips and interesting facts.

Recommended Age: 8 years +

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