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Bobux Navy Jodhpur Boot

Bobux Navy Jodhpur Boot

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A staple in every Bobux Collection, the Jodhpur is a heritage boot that delivers in comfort, practicality and style. Luxurious leather with a classic navy finish makes the Jodhpur perfect for all outfits and occasions, while a zip closure and elastic gusset give this timeless style a comfortable, secure fit.

Bobux Shoes are podiatrist approved.

Side zip and elasticated gusset.

Standard length, designed to fit average width feet. Non adjustable fixed shape.

Pull tabs for easy on.

Premium Leather Upper.

Gum Step Up TPR Sole.

Tan Pig Skin Lining.

Polish every two weeks to keep the shoes in top condition. Light scuffs can be reduced by rubbing a matching coloured shoe polish over affected area. Avoid fully immersing in water. Dry naturally, away from direct sunlight. Do not bleach, soak, or tumble dry.


Step Ups: First Walkers

First walkers have a unique foot shape, their little feet are still chubby and cute like they were as newborns but their heels are now formed enough to support their weight. Bones are beginning to form in their feet but they're still rounded and feature a layer of fat across the soles. Their arch and achilles remain undefined like chubby babies' feet, but don't worry, they'll soon be taking shape. At this stage children are still learning to walk confidently, so they might wibble and wobble and look off balance. They're starting to explore on their own and, though they may topple over backwards onto their bums at times, they're capable of picking themselves up and carrying on. Their joints are still forming, so their cute little feet point outwards and their chubby little legs don't yet bend as they walk. Bobux Step Ups are flexible and soft for growing feet but feature harder wearing rounded soles for outdoor adventures. Carefully designed to form fit first walkers and using soft materials that fit snugly around chubby feet. Step Ups are styled like little shoes (who doesnäó»t want cool kicks for their kids?) while retaining all the important adjustability and stability features of healthy first walker footwear.

I-Walk Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers

As children become more confident walking, their foot strengthens and becomes more developed. Our little babies' feet are becoming more muscular and defined and the layers of cute chub have almost disappeared. An arch has begun to form in the foot and the achilles is now clearly visible.

It seems as soon as children can walk confidently they want to run and jump and play. Kids at this stage are now walking confidently without falling over, they're starting to run around more and might occasionally jump onto things. They're a tiny ball of energy, bursting from surface to surface as they learn to move more confidently. Learning to move faster, stop quickly, jump and change direction requires more support and a more diverse range of motion. Bobux I-Walk are designed to enable more confident movements. All the running and jumping that children start to do at this stage is important for their own mental development, so itäó»s important they have a shoe to carry them on this journey. Children are also starting to have a say in their own shoes aesthetically, so designing shoes they'll love is a necessity.

KID + Kids

As children begin active play their feet become more developed and begin to resemble the shape of adult feet. It's the stage in life when they're starting to communicate more, they're moving around a lot and a more dextrous foot is required for quick movement and dynamic play. Kids at this stage are now running confidently, jumping, skipping, starting and stopping with ease. They kick balls and play, dance and jump rope. Their movements are faster and more coordinated. They're becoming socially aware, making friends and playing with their peers. Their minds are growing as they learn to process the world around them and their space within it more quickly and they become more aware of their own movements. More active play demands a more durable shoe. The Kid+ sole design combines the durability requirements of active children, with the comfort and protection inherent in all our shoes. Featuring super lightweight, flexible materials, Bobux Kid+ range stands up to all the activity kids put them through. Designed, from the sole up, to be the shoes that your child will live in and love.

Enchanted Years is an independent childrenäó»s toy and clothing store located in Williamstown, just outside the Melbourne CBD, and proud stockist of Bobux kids shoes.

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