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Enchanted Years

Bomb Cosmetics I Believe In Unicorns Bath Blaster

Bomb Cosmetics I Believe In Unicorns Bath Blaster

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Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn – then be a unicorn! Pop this magical beauty in your bath and watch as she glides around, releasing rays of geranium & frankincense essential oils and multi-coloured sugar decoration stars! Soak under the pink universe and let the sweet pear & honeysuckle fragrance consume your senses. With a white and pure cocoa and shea butter cloud piped within this Blaster, your skin will be as soft as a unicorns nose.

Unicorns possess the power of eternal youth! A pear and honeysuckle fragrance lifted us to another realm, where this pink beauty has inspired us to use pure Geranium & Frankincense essential oils to restore your soul, spirit & skin.

Our Bomb Cosmetics Bath Bombs are entirely hand crafted to ensure they fizz like crazy. All our Bath Bomb products contain pure essential oils, blended to help enhance or alter your mood. We don't use plastic glitters in our bath bomb products and have switched them to sanding sugars or micas, 'cos we believe that bunnies (and fish) are hunnies!

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