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Enchanted Years

Crazy Socks Diamond Magic

Crazy Socks Diamond Magic

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Ever heard of the saying "a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow"? Well here is a rainbow full of diamonds (diamantes) and it is part of our new Crazy Socks range. This sock screams FABULOUS! A fantastical fusion of delightfully cheerful pastel colours that seamlessly collide to make you feel "Magical"! Wait... that's not enough! Let's give it a generous serving of diamantes that will delight all of your glamorous senses! The Diamond Magic Crazy Sock is a must for any person of any age who feels the need to express their inner GLAM!

 Sparkling Diamantes - Sparkle & Shine

‎ ‎Tell the world that you are SPECIAL!

One Size fits Most - Super Comfortable!

Produced by the world's leading sock manufacturer

Recommended Age: 5 years +

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