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ELC Funny Faces Bath Beakers

ELC Funny Faces Bath Beakers

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Pour and play for lots of bathtime fun with the Early Learning centre Funny Faces Bath Beakers.

Little oneäó»s will love to discover these fun beakers. One by one, shout out the different colours of each beaker and use them to scoop up lots of water. Tip them up and watch the water pour away or watch it trickle out from the sprinkle holes. Line the beakers up in a row and point to the tallest. You can even stack the beakers inside one another and try to work out the correct order.

Playing with these bright and colourful bath beakers is great for children to gain confidence in the water and encourages the development of hand to eye coordination as they play, as well as stimulating their senses.

Product Features:

  • Brightly coloured beakers for water fun

  • Set contains: 4x funny faces bath beakers

  • Encourages water confidence

  • Develops hand to eye coordination

  • Great stimulating little oneäó»s senses

Recommended Age: 1 year +

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