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Enchanted Years

John Deere Busy Driver

John Deere Busy Driver

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Now your little farmer can experience ""driving"" their very own tractor with the John Deere Busy Driver loaded with a dozen interactive and fun activities. Get busy with the harvest by turning the tethered key to start the tractor's engine, then shift gears by pulling down or pushing up the left lever. Back up with a beep, beep noise when you pull towards the turtle or prepare for a fast action motion sound when you push towards the rabbit. Switch the orange lever to flash the turn signal arrows and make some noise with the working horn on the spinning steering wheel. Push the music button to keep a long work day a little more exciting with a lively tune or spin the odometer to make it click, click, click. If you run into trouble, press the hazard button to make the turn signals flash with a warning beep, beep sound.

Dimensions (cm): Length 30.48cm x Width 20.32cm x Height 20.32cm

Recommended Age: 12 months +

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