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Enchanted Years

Jovi Paint with Plastilina

Jovi Paint with Plastilina

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PLASTILINA JOVI vegetable-based modelling clay that never dries. It is versality also allows to create volume figures and other techiques as painting with PLASTILINA in a paper.

Paint with Plastilina?? It is an amazing and fun technique to explore with modelling clay!

Exclusive and original packaging design kits: reusable storage folder included.

Each kit contains: reusable storage folder, 8 PASTEL colors PLASTILINA 50 gr bars, 3 pre designed templates, 2 free use templates, 1 white paper frame, 3 modelling tools, 1 roller, 1 instructions sheet.

Available in 3 themes:

Cool Candy

Crazy Monsters

Funny Emojis

Recommended Age: 5 years +

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