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Enchanted Years

Jovi Plastilina Classic 10 x 50g Pack

Jovi Plastilina Classic 10 x 50g Pack

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JOVI PLASTILINA is a 100% vegetable based modeling clay to play in fun colors, malleable and suitable for kids from 2 years old; it does not contain gluten and never dries.

Unlike mineral based modeling clays, JOVI PLASTILINA allows creations with a higher volume.

You will be able to play nonstop because it never dries!It molds and unfolds easily and it is great to create volume figures; its versatility also allows the use of molds and other techniques as painting with PLASTILINA in a paper.

100% Vegetable-based modeling clay
Vivid colors that can be mixed with each other
Never dries, you can play all the times that you want without a break!
Free of the major allergens and gluten free
Safe for the children and with no toxicity risk

Recommended Age: 2 years +

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