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Enchanted Years

Kitten Games My Parents Might Be Martians

Kitten Games My Parents Might Be Martians

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A guessing game where the grown-ups talk like aliens and the kids have to translate! (and secretly…learn a little bit about teamwork)

The kids are Human, the grown-ups are Martians, and everyone’s laughing!

The goal is for the Martians to get their Human friends to guess a word by only using clues with single-syllable words. The Humans have to work together to make sense of your silly speech before the timer runs out. This game is an out-of-this-world way to improve your little ones’ teamwork and language skills.

Perfect for small family game nights or breaking the ice at big gatherings.

My Parents Might Be Martians comes with:

· 150 Kid-Focused Cards
· 1 Sand Timer
· 36 Point Tokens
· 1 Megaphone

10 min game play

2+ players

Recommended Age: 4 years+
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