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Lawn Skee

Lawn Skee

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Take this classic game straight to your backyard to set up for some family game time fun! Lawn Launch is a jumbo twist on the classic game skee ball and is the perfect activity for families with kids of all ages to make some memories outside in the fresh air.

Lawn Launch includes a 7-foot nylon ramp that anchors into the ground, 6 colorful foam balls, 3 scoring rings and a storage bag. All you need is at least 15 feet of a grassy area to set up the ramp and the scoring rings.

How to play: Roll the ball up the ramp and watch it fly off the edge and land in one of the three scoring rings to see who can get to 100 points first! Each ring is worth points: large ring = 5, medium ring = 15, small ring = 20.

Keep each game exciting and challenging when you rearrange the scoring rings in different designs!

The included storage bag and ability to store all of the pieces inside makes this lawn game easy to take wherever your family is headed!

Set includes:

7-foot water-resistant ramp with pole to secure into the ground

Two (2) anchor lines

Three (3) scoring rings: large, medium, small

Six (6) 3in. colorful foam balls: purple, red, yellow, green, orange, blue

Recommended Age: 3 years +

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