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Schleich Marshmallow Unicorn Mare

Schleich Marshmallow Unicorn Mare

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Meet the Marshmallow Unicorn Mare, the sweetest unicorn in the Schleich  Bayala world. You'll go gooey over this colourful unicorn figurine. Famously fond of sticky situations and galloping through the spongy meadows of bayala. One of three collectible Marshmallow Unicorns from Schleich.

Lovingly Hand-Painted. Pastel hues as soft as a marshmallow cloud - calming blues, delicate pinks, soothing lavendar.

Sparks of Storytelling. A unicorn climbed to the top of a volcano, rescued a ranger at a jungle research station, and carried a penguin to an ice fortress. And then? What happens next is YOUR story!

A Twinkle of Magic. Makes even the longest road trips sweeter!

Collectible Unicorns. One of three Marshmallow Unicorns from Schleich collect them all!


Recommended Age: 5 years +

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