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Enchanted Years

Nana Huchy Snowy the Goose Rattle

Nana Huchy Snowy the Goose Rattle

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Snowy is the softest, sweetest goose you'll ever meet! This clumsy girl has two left feet & is always waddling her way into trouble, whether it's getting herself trapped in Charlie the Chicken's coop or splashing headfirst into Bill the Duck's pond. But it's all just water off a duck_Ñés back to Snowy (or should we say, water off a gooses back)! She just picks herself up again, shakes her tail-feathers & honks happily to her handsome pal, Rupert the Rooster, who between you & me, Snowy has quite the crush on.

Unlike squeakers, which are short-lived & unintuitive for babies to use without assistance, the sound the rattle makes when babies hold or move it stimulates action-reaction learning, providing babies & toddlers with an instant reward & helping them understand cause & effect. 

Measures 16cm
Gentle cold machine wash, do not tumble dry.

Recommended Age: Birth +

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