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Enchanted Years

Orchard Toys Mucky Trucks

Orchard Toys Mucky Trucks

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Race to clean all your mucky trucks in this first colour game

Players race to be the first to get their mucky trucks clean! Roll the dice and move the elephant playing piece around the car wash playing board. Land on a colour, and make your corresponding coloured truck sparkly clean - land on a mud splat and bad luck, your truck becomes dirty again! 

The winner is the first player to turn over all their trucks to make them clean! Players will develop colour recognition and turn taking skills in this engaging colour game.

Designed for ages 3-6, Mucky Trucks will be the first choice for budding vehicle lovers! 


  • 24 truck cards
  • 1 sponge card
  • 1 two-piece board
  • 1 elephant playing piece
  • 1 dice
  • 1 instruction leaflet 

Recommended Age: 3 - 6 years


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