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Enchanted Years

Paper Pops 12 Days of Christmas Tree

Paper Pops 12 Days of Christmas Tree

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In a gingerbread-scented forest, there stood an enchanted Christmas Tree. It was a home for playful elves and graceful fairies.

One winter, the tree's glow began to fade. Oh dear! To bring back its magic, Sparkle, the fairy and Twinkle, the elf decided to go on a grand adventure. They followed candy cane clues and hopped over snowflake bridges. On the twelfth day, they found a shiny star. They placed it on the tree, and suddenly, the magical forest sparkled with joy! The fairies and elves cheered and sang, making the tree shine brighter than ever. And ever since, that magical tree lights up the forest with happiness every Christmas!

Product Features:

  •  1.3m 

  • Features a magical door for the elves, fairies and maybe you.

  • A cardboard play prop for imaginative play, educational puzzle play and a unique Christmas centerpiece for the lounge or playroom.

  • With printed designs on both sides, you can change up the appearance of the tree to suit your space.

  • An easy to build 20-piece 3D puzzle, it can be assembled in under 10 minutes by children with adult assistance.

  • No extra tool, tape or glue is required.

  • Easy to demount for storage. Just carefully slide each snowflake pieces out from their slots, and flat pack all the elements back in the box.

  • Made of printed cardboard, our cardboard play props are lightweight, reusable,100% recyclable.

Assembled Product Dimension:  L65cm x W65cm x H135cm

Flat-pack Product Dimension: L53cm x W48cm x H7cm

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