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PlayMobil Dragon Racing Fishlegs and Meatlug

PlayMobil Dragon Racing Fishlegs and Meatlug

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Fishlegs and his gluttonous dragon Meatlug are also equipped with the cool new racing look. Although the two are constantly searching for a tasty morsel, they naturally don't miss out on the dragon race. Meatlug may not be the most athletic dragon lady, but she's not to be underestimated, because despite her husky size and short wingspan, she's an excellent flyer. Off to the racing fun! The playset includes Viking Fishlegs and dragon lady Meatlug in racing look, a tossing sheep, a saddle and other great extras. Fishlegs can ride on the dragon. The saddle is removable.

Package Contents: Fishlegs; 1 dragon Meatlug, 1 throwing sheep; 1 saddle, 1 girth, 1 knife

Recommended Age: 4 years +

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