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Enchanted Years

Ravensburger 3D Puzzle Ball 180pc Glow In The Dark Starglobe

Ravensburger 3D Puzzle Ball 180pc Glow In The Dark Starglobe

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Do you want to know where the stars are? Then assemble the Star Globe and find out! Once you have made a sphere with the 180 puzzle pieces, you will discover endless constellations and the twelve signs of the zodiac. Best of all: the Great Bear, Gemini, Leo and the other formations glow in the dark. While bringing a small starry sky into your home, the Star Globe also serves as a decorative piece.

Constellations – they all have such mysterious sounding names such as the Great Bear, Pegasus, Cassiopeia; they are full of myths; and they have been fascinating humankind for thousands of years. And it's also so much fun discovering the twinkling gems in the night sky.
Reach for the stars and assemble the Star Globe. It consists of 180 high-quality plastic puzzle pieces that slot together perfectly, without glue, to build a sturdy globe. The practical rotating base transforms the Star Globe into a decorative piece. Discover a wealth of constellations and colourful illustrated signs of the zodiac that even glow in the dark thanks to the fluorescent material. Simply galactic! Moreover, this stellar puzzle comes with fascinating information on the best-known constellations as well as a short introduction to the mysterious world of astrology and the meaning of the signs of the zodiac.

Recommended Age: 6 years +

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