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Enchanted Years

Ravensburger 3D Puzzle Game 216p Time Guardians Advanced

Ravensburger 3D Puzzle Game 216p Time Guardians Advanced

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Solving riddles and puzzles in a completely new dimension! The first cooperative 3D Puzzle Adventure from Ravensburger - inspired by Escape games. Immerse in a series of exciting 3D Adventures. Work together to assemble the time spiral in 3D from sturdy jigsaw pieces. Travel back in time to solve exciting challenges and correct Mayhem's misdeeds, and restore the true course of history. In "A World Without Chocolate", Dr Maxwell Mayhem has travelled back through time to the Mayans and prevented the cultivation of the cocoa tree. As a result, he has a monopoly on chocolate in the new present! Use the 3D time spiral to correct the course of time and give mankind back its melt-in-the-mouth moments of happiness. The various TIME GUARDIAN ADVENTURES are designed as one-off experiences. However, all of the contents remain intact, so that you can pass the 3D Adventure on to your friends after playing. By acclaimed "Escape the Room" game authors Nicholas Cravotta and Rebecca Bleau Travel 3,000 years back in time to save that rich, delicious treat in our "Time Guardian Adventures - A World Without Chocolate" puzzle game!

How dare that dastardly Dr. Mayhem steal the first cacao tree and prevent the Mayans from discovering that comforting concoction, chocolate, over 3,000 years ago! Now he's hoarding the world's chocolate supply - egads! Do you dare travel back in time to disrupt his despicable deeds? Part board game, part 3D puzzle, cooperate with other players to solve the challenges and build the time machine. Thwart Mayhem's plans and restore the true course of history since life is sweeter with chocolate!

Recommended Age: 12 years +

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