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Paper Pops Rory the TRex

Paper Pops Rory the TRex

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Yes, that's right, our smiling, sparkly, T-rex with the rainbow spikes LOVES to skate. Spinning, gliding, and leaping around, you can't miss him. The absolute life of the party, Rory likes to turn the music up LOUD and get the whole crowd dancing. He always puts his hand up to lead the book week costume parade, showing off his rainbow spikes with pride to all the parents and teachers. Sometimes he even gets to wear his roller-skates to school, until he spins one too many times and has a tyrannosaurus-wreck, crashing right into the Principal down the hallway. Quick, do-you-think-he-saurus? Help Rory roll right out of there!

Product Features:

  • All elements* comes pre-cut in puzzle like pieces and pre-scored, no extra tool, tape or glue is required to assemble.

  • Easy to build by young children with adult assistance.

  • Simply follow our step-by-step illustrated instruction manual in the kit. It will take approx. 15-20 min to assemble. 

  • Easy to demount for storage. Just carefully slide each tab out from their slots, and flat pack all the elements back inside our reusable brown kraft envelope. 

  • Made of printed cardboard, our cardboard costumes are lightweight, eco-friendly, affordable.

  • Once assembled, just pop it on your little one and let their arms come out of the holes on each side and they are ready to to have fun.

Assembled Product Dimension:  L76cm x W34cm x H68cm

Flat-pack Product Dimension: L52cm x W43cm x H2cm

Recommended Age: 1 - 8 years

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