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Orchard Toys Slimy Rhymes

Orchard Toys Slimy Rhymes

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Match rhyming pairs to make silly sentences, then feed them to the slime monster in this fun rhyming game. Players start with a selection of five green slime cards. Taking it in turns they choose a purple slime card - if the card rhymes with one of the cards in front of them, the player must think of a silly sentence using the two words. Once they have a rhyming sentence they spin the spinner to find out in what style they must say their sentence in: whilst either holding their nose, with the teeth together, or in a squeaky voice! Once theyäó»ve said their funny sentence, they post their cards into the 3D slime monster. The winner is the first player to post all their green cards into the slime monsters mouth. A fun, yet educational game, perfect for al home or in the classroom.

Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts.

Choking hazard.

2-4 players

Recommended Age: 5 years +

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