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Sylvanian Families Baby Mermaid Castle

Sylvanian Families Baby Mermaid Castle

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The Baby Mermaid Castle features an undersea-themed amusement park, along with three baby figures.Includes a beautiful Mermaid Castle, "Aqua-Go-Round" Ride, Jellyfish Swings and plenty more for baby and cradle baby figures to ride in! The figures are all wearing special mermaid-themed outfits. Use the "Mermaid swim holder" to make it look like the babies are swimming! The Dream Ship can be removed and played with on its own. Suitable for use as a display piece, with room for over 50 baby figures. Introducing Chocolate Rabbit baby Creme, wearing a mermaid dress and star face paint, Persian Cat cradled baby Blake in a merbaby costume, and Fennec Fox cradled baby Kaya.

Recommended Age: 3 years +

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