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Enchanted Years

Sylvanian Families Sunny Castle Nursery

Sylvanian Families Sunny Castle Nursery

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The Sunny Castle Nursery set contains a nursery with changeable weather and the Flora Rabbit Baby.

The nursery comes with all kinds of fun things, including a piano, swing, slides and cradle.

Change the weather outside the window and play games suited to the weather! You can even make the sun rise!
The nursery is designed so that the weather can be changed. Move the lever or the sun to change the weather and play games suited to the weather. There are three types: sun, rain and night.

The drawing board and table change into fun playground equipment for the babies.
Flora Rabbit Baby wears a rainbow outfit and a cute flower on her ear. The figure is freely poseable.
Ciel the Flora Rabbit baby loves playing outside. Her favourite game is to squirt the hose in all directions so that the sun makes rainbows in the water. She always gets soaking wet!

Recommended Age: 3 years +

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