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Sylvanian Famlies Grandparents

Sylvanian Famlies Grandparents

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Grandpa Rhys Chocolate has dreamt of learning to sail since he was a boy. Now in his retirement his lifelong ambition has come to fruition and he and his wife Patricia have bought a house boat! Rhys also treated himself to a smart sailoräó»s jacket with gold cuffs. He now looks quite the part!

Grandma Patricia Chocolate loves life on the ocean waves! Since she and husband Rhys purchased their house boat, they spend the weekends boating out in the deep blue sea, often taking their grandchildren with them and exploring the islands they find on their travels. Patricia likes to keep a shipäó»s log of all the different places they visit and likes to read it to the grandchildren like a bedtime story.

Recommended Age: 3 years +

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