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Enchanted Years

The Heart and Brain Quiz Game

The Heart and Brain Quiz Game

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Get to know your friends with Heart & Brain, the non-competitive, heartwarming party game!

Answer questions using your heart, brain, or sometimes the Yeti to see how well you know your friends and how well they know you!

Each player begins by taking 3 Answer Cards, 1 Heart, 1 Brain, and 1 Yeti. A player reads a Question Card and the 3 possible answers out loud. The other players decide which answer best fits them and places their coordinating Answer Card face down.

Once everyone places their Answer Card face down, the reader then tries to guess what each player answered. The players flip their Answer Cards to prove them right or wrong. If the reader guesses correctly, the answer stays flipped up, and if they guess incorrectly, the player will take their answer card back into their hand.

2-8 players

Recommended Age: 8 years +
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