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Bobux Airforce Timber Boot

Bobux Airforce Timber Boot

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Luxurious leather, padded ankle cuff and adjustable strap fastenings make for a street smart boot perfect for cooler climates. Its excellent adjustability makes the Timber suited to most foot widths, while its high-top design, understated olive green colourway and stitch detailing add timeless style.

KID + Kids

As children begin active play their feet become more developed and begin to resemble the shape of adult feet. It's the stage in life when they're starting to communicate more, they're moving around a lot and a more dextrous foot is required for quick movement and dynamic play. Kids at this stage are now running confidently, jumping, skipping, starting and stopping with ease. They kick balls and play, dance and jump rope. Their movements are faster and more coordinated. They're becoming socially aware, making friends and playing with their peers. Their minds are growing as they learn to process the world around them and their space within it more quickly and they become more aware of their own movements. More active play demands a more durable shoe. The Kid+ sole design combines the durability requirements of active children, with the comfort and protection inherent in all our shoes. Featuring super lightweight, flexible materials, Bobux Kid+ range stands up to all the activity kids put them through. Designed, from the sole up, to be the shoes that your child will live in and love.

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