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Trivial Pursuit Harry Potter Bitesize Volume 2

Trivial Pursuit Harry Potter Bitesize Volume 2

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Wingardium Triviosa! Return to Hogwarts in Volume 2 of Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit Bitesize.

Featuring 600 questions over 100 cards, test your knowledge of the Dark Arts, Hogwarts, spells and potions, magical objects and people, and magical creatures as you compete to be the first to claim six cards and win the game!

The questions included in this special edition span all eight films, and are guaranteed to challenge even the most serious fans. So if you think you can remember what happens to the Elder Wand, the fate of the Sorting Hat, and the events that occur in the Room of Requirement, then ready your patronus because this edition is for you!

Includes: 1 Portable Case, 1 Wedge Holder, 100 Question Cards, Trivial Pursuit Die. (Wedge pieces not included) and 1 Rules Card

This edition of Trivial Pursuit featuring the magical world of Harry Potter - with questions based on both the books and movies.

This quick-play quiz has 600 questions that will entertain and educate even the smartest fanatics

Fascinating, puzzling and captivating questions that will test your knowledge and memory

Fun-filled family game!

Dimensions: 13.5cm(W) x 9cm(D) x 13.58cm(H) x 0.32kg

2 players +

Recommended Age: 12 years +

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