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Wilson & Frenchy Knitted Pointelle Blanket Ecru

Wilson & Frenchy Knitted Pointelle Blanket Ecru

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This luxuriously soft, breathable pointelle knit blanket is perfect for the nursery, pram, or car. Crafted from a blend of Cotton, Bamboo and Wool, it combines the breathability of Cotton, the softness of Bamboo, and the insulation of Wool for comfort and warmth. An heirloom piece, it is designed to be passed down through generations.


  • Gentle on delicate skin
  • Great baby shower gift
  • Cotton
  • bamboo
  • wool blend
  • Contrast speckle fleck naturally rises to the surface after each wash

Details: Dimensions: 100cm long x 100cm wide50% cotton, 43% bamboo, 7% wool, Machine washable, Made in China.

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